How to Listen

A podcast is essentially radio on the internet you can listen to anytime! The best way to listen is to subscribe on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay or whatever podcast app you like!

  1. Click on your “Podcasts” app

  2. Enter “Story Spectacular” in the search bar

  3. Select, then hit the "Subscribe" button

  4. New episodes will be added automatically every week!

Take Your Friends from the Show ON THE GO!

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How to Download Full Episodes to your Device:

  1. Open up Story Spectacular on your Podcast app.

  2. Search for the Episode you wish to download.

  3. Click on the menu/options icon (usually to the right of the Episode)

  4. Select the Download button. (or cloud/arrow icon)

  5. After the episode has finished downloading, it will be available for listening offline!