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"The Quirky Turkey"

Celebrate your Gobble Gala by singing and dancing the Quirky Turkey!!! 

AND… Learn the Quirky Turkey Dance!!!

"The Snowy Shuffle" with Chilly the Snowman

Grab your hat or your earmuffles. Lets all dance the Snowy Shuffle! Move and shake like you are Chilly... Bounce around til you feel SILLY!!! 

"Lawrence the Lighthouse"

The bay is a hustling bustling place. Everyone loves to play in the water. Everyone but Lawrence that is. Lawrence is a Lighthouse who is afraid of the ocean! He never wants to leave his lookout perch. But then one night, Lawrence falls into the water!!!

"The Shape Escape"

All is well in Shape Valley until a big bully Circle escapes and wreaks havoc. Who will save the day?

"Digger's Daily Routine"

Every day for Digger is exactly the same. Until one day something happens, that is so profound, it turns Digger and his whole routine upside-down... 


"An Extraordinary Book!"

Ordinary books are for reading and looking at pictures, but this is no ordinary book. This is an EXTRAORDINARY book! 

"What Do You See?"

Look all around and what do you see? Lines and patterns connect us to everything! 

"Kindergarten Q&A"

Some curious kindergarteners have a few questions for Angela Ferrari. 

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