Monster SMASH!!!

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How to Make Scary... SPECTACULAR:

FOR THE WEEK OF HALLOWEEN . . . I wanted to take some things that I once found scary as a child and make them not so scary. The list of things I was once fearful of is LOOOOOONG!!! Snakes, Ghosts, Sharks… ONIONS…(No SERIOUSLY!) Bats and Monsters were up there too. As I have grown older and slightly wiser, I have come to the realization that most things lose their scariness once you learn a little more about them. Like BATS!!! I have found some wonderful podcasts and articles about bats that have allowed me to admire and appreciate these incredible animals. I now consider myself a bat advocate.

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      My fear of monsters, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to overcome. "Monster" is another one of those words that means something different as an adult. I think of people being Monsters now. It can be a hard world out there. Writing adorable stories for kids helps me cope. We have all gone through times in our life where maybe we felt a little like Monsters. I was a “Monster” of a teenager (Sorry Mom). My youngest brother had a real bad case of the Terrible Two’s. I think he was escorted out of most public areas for bad behavior during those troubling toddler years.

      The cure for solving “Monsteritus”? Finding a creative and/or physical outlet. For me it was art. I drew a lot of interesting things during my Monster teen years. It really helped me figure some stuff out. For my youngest brother, it was sports. He loved smashing a ball with a bat or getting to kick and throw various “sports” balls. I think we all know a misguided monster out in the world. Let's try and learn a little more about them and help them find a way to put their unique talents to good use. Happy Halloween everybody!!!

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Happy Halloween everybody!!!