Digger's Daily Routine

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How Goofing Off Can Lead To Great Things:

ONE DAY IN YOGA CLASS . . . My mind began to wander. We were in the middle of a LONG "downward-dog". I started thinking about how adorable it is when a dog does its stretches. I began to picture a big doofy dog in my head waking up and doing a sun salutation routine. "What else would this dog's day look like?" 

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      For the rest of yoga class, I daydreamed about noble dog's daily routine. Then we neared the end of class and closed our eyes for Shavasana. Laying on the mat with my eyes closed I could perfectly visualize the character of Digger the Dog in my mind. What would his journey look like and where would he end up in the end? I thought of a lesson I had learned countless times. Even though routines can be good, sometimes when the unexpected happens, we can change for the better. I thought of the long traditions of meditations in caves. How sometimes going inside, into the dark, we can find ourselves and our light... and also... Dogs are SUPER ADORABLE!!! 


Inspired by Yoga

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