Fly Home Birdie

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How A Bird Planted A Seed:

ONE WHIMSICAL MORNING . . . I looked out my window and saw a bird sitting on my car roof looking back at me. It was early spring but we had a late snow storm just roll into Portland Maine. I grabbed my bird book and discovered that my new friend was a Northern Mockingbird. It was eating the berries off the vine that curled up the side of my house. For two weeks the bird became a fixture in my driveway. I saw it every day and called it... "Birdie." Birdie let me get very close, especially if I was bringing berries for a snack. Then one day, I woke up to a sudden warm snap of sunny weather. Birdie was gone. The little Mockingbird just needed a safe place to ride out the cold and the storm. Then it had continued on with its migration further to the north. 

      I decided to write a story about a Bird and the changing seasons.

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      This was the story that started it all! I wrote the words and recorded a demo podcast episode in the fall of 2016. Then I shared it with a few friends who had little children. It was the most terrifying and exhilarating sensation EVER!

      I first heard back from one of my dear friends, who told me that her 2-year-old son wanted to listen to "Fly Home Birdie" over . . . and over... and over again. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that THIS could BE something. More and more friends shared the demo with their friends. Soon little children, who I had never even met, were asking for more stories. So I made some more . . .


The little Northern Mockingbird that inspired Birdie