Old Miss Angie Had a Farm

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How to Learn & Play Like an ANIMAL:

NOW THAT YOU'VE BEEN LISTENING TO THE SHOW FOR A WHILE . . you probably have noticed that I LOVE animals. As a child, I used to rescue mice from my cats in the middle of the night and “save” them in jars to set free in the morning. (Much to the chagrin of my parents!) “Old McDonald Had a Farm” was a song I adored as a kid. But I was never satisfied with the traditional farm animals. I wanted to know what a Panda would say, or a Penguin, or even a Zebra…


      I also used to struggle with pronouncing certain sounds. I think a lot of other children do too. When learning to speak, certain parts of speech can be very difficult and even frustrating to master. 

      Old Miss Angie Had a Farm is my way of sharing a story AND learn some new sounds that can sometimes be a little tricky to pronounce. I hope you enjoy playing and singing along!

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It's always fun to meet a new animal friend!