The Baby Foodie: Great Corn Crusader

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How to Eat your Way to a Good Story:

SINCE MOVING TO MAINE IN 2007 . . . I have watched this small city become a food destination. It is such a pleasure to taste new foods. To learn about the farmers and foragers who take such care in sourcing their ingredients. My favorite part of traveling is the cuisine as well. The first time I went to Puerto Rico I picked a ripe mango from a tree. Living in Maine my whole life, I never had the pleasure of eating a mango so fresh. It was such a joy! I wanted to create a series of stories for families that would celebrate food from all around the world (without taking itself too seriously) and so… the “Baby Foodie” was born.

               Shrimp & Geechie Boy Grits at Hot Suppa Restaurant

               Shrimp & Geechie Boy Grits at Hot Suppa Restaurant

      The first story installment of "The Baby Foodie" is inspired by a very special family and a very special farm. I had the pleasure of traveling to Charleston SC in 2015 and sharing a meal with husband and wife who in my opinion, (and many others),  make some of the best grits in the whole country. They use heirloom corn and an old gristmill to stone grind the corn into grits. The process is laborious and the results are DELICIOUS! I loved their story so much that I thought a corn farm would be the perfect place for the Baby Foodie to journey to first. Enjoy this tasty tale!

Geechie Boy Market.jpg

Geechie Boy Mill - Edisto Island, South Carolina