Digger Has A Dilemma

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How to Have Fun While Cleaning Up a Mess:

YOU GUYS AREN'T GOING TO BELIEVE THIS . . .  but I was a VERY messy kid! Like if those crazy reality TV shows about hoarders and extreme clutter existed when I was a child, I would have been a prime candidate. I just had so many “projects” that I wanted to do. That’s why I needed that tree branch that may or may not have a family of slugs living on it. And yes I needed to hold on to every seashell from every visit to the beach ever. And I ESPECIALLY NEEDED that pile of old JC Penny & Sears catalogs. (Kid’s ask your parents)  I HATED to clean my room or throw anything out. Indoor chores in general just weren’t my thing.

      My folks were always great about turning work into a game. We had special songs we would sing and fun records to play for upbeat “chore” music. A Cleaning Soundtrack, if you will. Music has always helped me get motivated. It still does.  So yes, this story is very autobiographical. In fact, in the first version, I was the one with the dilemma of not wanting to clean my room. I recorded myself rapping the “I’m Mad” rap in my own voice and everything! But it was just too weird. I didn’t want to scare any kids away. Plus I just loved the idea of Digger throwing a fit because he doesn’t want to pick up his dog toys!

      So I went with Digger. I really like the fact that Digger’s friends come to help. But instead of cleaning his room for him, they help him to change his attitude. It’s what my folks did for me and I hope this can motivate you too!

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"Bless this Mess" -My childhood room